Mary Sharon Moore


Dare to Believe

Dare to Believe.
Rise Up to Act.

Parish-based deep formation
of pastoral leaders and laity
for real engagement in the world.

Jesus with Peter

Why "Dare to Believe"

"Today's" world desperately needs the vision, justice, and hands-on work of the reign of God," observes Dare to Believe initiator Mary Sharon Moore.

Her work calls forth the urgency for church--laity and clergy alike--to be fully engaged in a world marked by anguish, alienation, and deep discouragement.

Through Scripture, stories, and clear teaching,
Mary Sharon Moore shows us how it's done.


What It Is

  1. A two-day Pastoral Leaders Inservice: For parish, deanery, or diocesan pastoral leaders, faith formators, Catholic educators, process implementors; this event lays the foundation for Dare to Believe parish application.
  2. A weekend Parish Immersion: A “must do” for all members of the parish community, including youth.
  3. Accountability Circles: Guided small groups for spiritual growth, discernment, and accountability for faithful engagement in the world.
  4. Quarterly Check-ins plus consultation with your leadership team as needed.


  1. A shared clarity on what Jesus and the Gospels are telling us.
  2. A shared ownership of the church’s mission in our time.
  3. A shared accountability that “ups the engagement” for everyone in the concerns of their community and beyond.

Desired Outcomes

  1. Local communities engaged in a better conversation and courageous moral actions.
  2. Local communities responding creatively and generously to the needs of those who lack agency.
  3. Local communities committed to bringing forth the goods of the reign of God.

Mary Sharon Moore

Consider Mary Sharon's timely and insightful talk "Charity? Or Systems Change?" for your next conference keynote, pastoral leaders' in-service, or parish adult faith formation. Mary Sharon delivers clear "reign of God" language that speaks compellingly to our times. It's easy to get the conversation going.

Mary Sharon evangelizes hot off the pages of Scripture. Her love for Jesus, for sacrament, and for the church is evident.

Download these Dare to Believe resources

Dare to Believe Onesheet
Process Overview
Parish Assessment Tool

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Mary Sharon Moore

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"Evangelizing is not something you do," Mary Sharon believes. "Evangelizing is a way of being in the world--simply, and courageously, living the whole of the Gospel at every turn."

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