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Praise for Mary Sharon's new book Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act

  • What the Holy Spirit has inspired in you is what we all thirst to do in our lives. Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act is an answer to the restlessness we feel for meaningful action in the world.
  • Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act is a timely book, and in ways prophetic. A lovely combination of anecdotes and theology, peppered with spirituality. Your stories are powerful and encourage us to discover how God calls us to use our gifts in more generous ways by first being receptive to the Holy Spirit, and then stepping up to act.
  • Your words about politics relating to spirituality are eye-opening! You clarify and redeem the word, and your quotes from Pope Francis tie the concepts together beautifully.
  • I have always been drawn to your writing, even though I am basically agnostic. Your take on things always is deeply sincere, grounded in reality without being hopeless. I look forward to reading this latest offering of your heart and soul.
  • What a beautiful book. So well written—sentences written like units of a beautiful poem.

Dare to Believe Front Cover

Her most powerful statement to date, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act is Mary Sharon Moore's urgent plea to awaken laity to the power of their anointing for the good of this world. Rich in stories, clear in teaching, and energizing in message, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act gives laity and pastoral leaders alike a straightforward path "through apprenticeship to assignment," where the demands of the Gospel are real.

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Summer Update 2019

As followers of Jesus, even our lifestyle is a political statement which expresses what we value as a moral way of being in the world. Our lifestyle either enables us to show up, unencumbered, wholehearted, as responsible members of the body of Christ, or not.

Mary Sharon Moore
Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act
Equipping Laity to be the Public Face of Christ

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Conformed to Christ Book Cover

Discoveries in the maturing Christ-centered life. Recommended text for Dare to Believe Accountability Circles. Purchase here.

Journey with Mary Sharon as she explores the mystery of being "conformed to Christ." These meditations invite deep engagement and rich reflection on passages of Scripture.


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"Living as Jesus Taught Us: Honest Conversation on the Cost of Discipleship," a seven-week small-group series, starts October 1, 2019. Tuesday evening sessions repeat on Wednesday mornings. Details here. Early registration is encouraged for this intimate, in-depth, freewill-offering series.

Dare to Believe.
Rise Up to Act.

Igniting audiences for
their mission in the world

As a committed follower of Jesus, I am passionate about helping lay men and women to go where Jesus goes, and connect their living faith with real engagement in their world.

I've had to make this connection in my own life, and I have stories, insights, and encouragement to share.

I express this passion through my latest book, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act, and through my parish-based process of the same name.

With over 20 years in the evangelizing field, I nudge people from the "good enough zone" and open up horizons of invitation, possibility, and mission.

Ready to dare to believe, and rise up to act?
Read sample pages of my book, visit my Dare to Believe page, or schedule me.


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Mary Sharon Moore is a member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization,

Mary Sharon's inspiration for 2019:

"If I want to follow Jesus,
then I have to go where he goes,
and love who and what he loves."

Check out video album highlights from Mary Sharon's "Anointed for a Purpose" parish mission talks, October 2016, at St. Francis of Assisi Church, West Des Moines, Iowa.

"Mary Sharon's five days at our parish were everything she promised and more. Her captivating stories and challenging message to live our anointing as baptized people helped us to better understand our call to live the Gospel and to stand in the place of Christ wherever we go!"

Faye Akers, Director of Evangelization, St. Francis of Assisi Church, West Des Moines IA