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Mary Sharon Moore

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My events through May 24 are postponed or canceled.

Recommended reading: Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act

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I speak, teach, write books, and stir hearts so that you can focus on your mission.

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Mary Sharon Moore delivers honest talkMary Sharon Moore delivers honest talk on the nature of God’s calling. Hear her welcome message.

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“Mary Sharon, you engage us, carry us,
and then you deliver the lesson. Wow!”
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“I am better at what I do as a priest because you are so good at what you do as a lay woman in service to the church! I sat in the back pew, taking notes as fast as I could. Thank you for sharing with our people, Mary Sharon. You are a blessing to God’s people!”

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As followers of Jesus, even our lifestyle is a political statement which expresses what we value as a moral way of being in the world. Our lifestyle either enables us to show up, unencumbered, wholehearted, as responsible members of the body of Christ, or not.

From Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act

Dare to Believe Front Cover

Her most powerful statement to date, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act is Mary Sharon Moore's urgent plea to awaken laity to the power of their anointing for the good of this world. Rich in stories, clear in teaching, and energizing in message, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act gives laity and pastoral leaders alike a straightforward path "through apprenticeship to assignment," where the demands of the Gospel are real.

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Conformed to Christ Book Cover

With her hallmark passion to awaken laity to the power of their anointing, Catholic author Mary Sharon Moore breaks open in fresh ways the power of that anointing in Baptism and Confirmation for life in our world today.

Ideal for youth and young adults all the way through midlife and beyond.

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Praise for Mary Sharon’s latest book, Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act

“What the Holy Spirit has inspired in you is what I thirst to do in my life. Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act is an answer to the restlessness I feel for meaningful action in the world. Timely, and prophetic. A combination of anecdotes, theology, and spirituality. Your stories are powerful and encouraging.”
“Your words about politics relating to spirituality are eye-opening! You clarify and redeem the word, and your quotes from Pope Francis tie it together beautifully.”

“I have always been drawn to your writing. our take on things is deeply sincere, grounded in reality without being hopeless. Thank you for this latest offering of your heart and soul.”

“What a beautiful book. So well written—sentences like units of a beautiful poem.”

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Mary Sharon 

Listen to my song, “Dare to Believe, Rise Up to Act,” with vocalist Hannah Rudkin. Available for download from your favorite streaming platform.

What others say about Mary Sharon
“Mary Sharon’s five days at our parish were everything she promised and more. Her captivating stories and challenging message helped us to better understand our call to live the Gospel and to stand in the place of Christ wherever we go!”

Faye Akers, Director of Evangelization,
St, Francis of Assisi Church, West Des Moines IA

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