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Resources for Laity 

You are anointed for a purpose!

Get the resources you deserve to live your anointing with confidence,
for the good of the world you touch.

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“Thank you, Mary Sharon, for challenging me in my faith, and for your sharing and your gifts!”

“You were fantastic. No, you ARE fantastic. You are truly anointed!”

“Just as Jesus loved to use stories to teach, your stories  were so relatable and delightful to hear. The anointed life in action! … We will be giving God ‘more to work with,’

“Wow! Thank you, Mary Sharon! Thank you for saying Yes to the Lord!”

“What amazing insights! What a living grace! What a great blessing to all of us. Thank you! May God bless you as you  continue your work.”

“Mary Sharon won me over immediately with her opening greeting, “Good evening, church!” I am more than just a  parishioner! I wish we could hear this more often.”