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Pastoral and Catechetical Leaders

Get the tools, processes, and confidence you need to
equip your people to be the public face of Christ

The Dare to Believe Process

1. A Pastoral Leaders Inservice for diocesan or local pastoral leaders, faith formators, Catholic educators: foundation for DARE TO BELIEVE parish application
2. A 3-evening Parish Mission or weekend Parish Immersion for laity engaged in the life of the church and life in the world

Plus these events to round out the experience
  • A weekend Family Camp for home church
  • A weekend Youth Challenge for senior high
  • A weekend Youth Challenge for junior high
  • Accountability Circles: Guided small groups for real-life engagement
  • Pentecost Visioning Day
  • Ongoing Rapid Response Networks
  • Quarterly Check-ins plus consultation with pastoral and catechetical leaders as needed
Benefits to Your Parish 

1. A shared clarity on what Jesus and the Gospels ask of us in our times
2. A shared discernment of the local church’s mission
3. A shared ownership of the church’s presence in society
4. A shared accountability that “ups the engagement” for everyone in the concerns of their community and beyond

Desired Outcomes

1. Lay men and women receptive to Jesus’ invitations to compassionate and courageous moral social witness
2. Lay men and women responding creatively and generously to the needs of those who lack agency
3. Lay men and women committed to bringing forth the goods of the reign of God for all to enjoy

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Why Dare to Believe?
  • It makes sense of our uncertain lives.
  • It is attractive to those who are searching.
  • It makes many who’ve left want to return.
  • It is the most beautiful and worthy thing you can do.
  • It lets you die with your heart free.
Why Rise Up to Act?
  • It’s where faith meets the road.
  • It’s what the Master taught us.
  • It’s the courageous thing to do.
  • It’s what the world begs of us.
  • Because we can do nothing less.

“When our Presbyteral Council previewed a video-spot
of Mary Sharon I knew immediately that our parish
should host her workshops. We did just that. Her deep
insight into what it means to be called by God, and her
great examples made her workshops enriching.”

Rev. Reginald Urban, Prince of Peace Parish, Great Bend KS

Deerfield Workshop
Mary Sharon Moore is known for her honest talk on the nature of God’s calling in our times.

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