Mary Sharon Moore


Spiritual Direction

Mary Sharon Moore, M.T.S., is an active spiritual and vocational director, serving lay men and women as well as clergy, locally and nationwide, to discern the fine movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives and through their work. She mentors individuals into the challenges and invitations of middle and later life.

Mary Sharon approaches spiritual direction as a relationship of spiritual accountability, self-honesty, and an active openness to engaging the difficult questions.

Mary Sharon Moore
Evangelizer Mary Sharon Moore awakens audiences to the power of their anointing.

Mary Sharon offers solid food for the one important journey—your life. Download her brochure.

Mary Sharon is the author of Moving in God's Direction: Essentials of Christ-centered spiritual and vocational direction.

Read Mary Sharon's article "Listening the Other into Free Speech."

Mary Sharon is known for her ability to help people name their experience in a way that brings clarity, encouragement, and invitation to growth. 

Vibrantly Christ-centered, Mary Sharon believes that regular, prayerful relationship with God and being present to the grace of the moment are the key to living as Christ lived—lovingly and generously for the sake of the world.

Mary Sharon's work reveals her love and care for those on the path of holiness.

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Thank you again, Mary Sharon, for another humbling, encouraging, enlightening, and freeing session. Thank you for making Christ present to me.

Thank you for our most recent telephone conversation and your caring, Spirit-filled words. I truly appreciate your time, wisdom, and dedication to God. You inspire me towards deeper reflection and meditation, which is bringing me ever closer to God.

Mary Sharon, you bring structure to a lifetime of feelings and experiences, making sense of my confusion and sense of loss. Most importantly, you dispel the fog on my path to God. You bring clarity to the purpose for which I was created.

So many things over the past five years have led me to a deeper connection with my faith, and it inspires wonder and awe for me every day. You are a part of that growth. Thank you for helping me on this journey.

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